As a healthcare professional

Lean more about Diabetic Foot

Learn more about diabetic foot by downloading this flashcard : pathology, key figures, main risk factors and the types of diabetic foot ulcers.

Download the healthcare professional leaflet to learn more about main risk factors, how to identify them and how to educate your patients to take care of their feet.

types of diabetic footIntroduction to diabetic footDownload
healthcare professional advice on prevention of foot ulcers from diabetesHealthcare professional leafletDownload

Raise awareness

Raise awareness about the burden of diabetic foot ulcers among patients and colleagues by displaying these posters in your healthcare centre.

diabetes awareness poster for diabetic footAwareness postersDownload

Educate about prevention steps

Educate your patients with diabetes on the 4 daily steps that will help them to keep their feet safe and to prevent foot ulceration.

steps to avoid foot ulcers from diabetesPatient leafletDownload
steps to prevent diabetic foot ulcerationPrevention posterDownload
steps to prevent foot ulceration from diabetes, save feetPrinter-friendly (lower ink usage) patient flyerDownload

Identify the at-risk foot

It is extremely important to identify the level of risk of your patients with diabetes by identifying the presence of risk factors like LOPS, PAD…

patient's level of risk for diabetic foot ulcersRisk