Who we are

Because wounds are a source of suffering, our mission as “the Healing Company” is to support healthcare professionals every day in delivering evidence-based treatments from the beginning so that life can start again for patients.

At Urgo Medical, we strongly believe that we can make a difference by:

  • Putting patients at the heart. We give a voice to patients so we can understand their needs and adapt our solutions to better meet them.

  • Being the professional’s partner. We work closely with scientific bodies and we develop educational programs to constantly improve knowledge in advanced wound care.

  • Leading with Science. We continually invest in R&D and deliver robust clinical evidence because we believe in evidence-based treatments.

We can do it because our 1 300 employees are passionate about making a difference for patients.

A long-term commitment for Urgo Medical

To fulfill its mission as The Healing Company, Urgo Medical has made diabetic foot ulcer a key priority, with the aim to close wounds, save feet and save lives for patients with diabetes and eradicate amputations and death as a consequence of diabetic foot.

Over the past few years, by partnering with internationally and locally recognized scientific societies and diabetic foot specialists, we have developed a deep understanding of the complexity of diabetic foot ulcer care.

We know that prevention is always the best care. But, unfortunately, it is sometimes not enough. When there is a wound, it needs to be treated as soon as possible and with the best treatment and protocol of care. This is why, as a testimony to our long-term commitment to patients suffering from diabetic foot, we have built this program to address the three main challenges of diabetic foot management:

  • Organize care to optimize the patient pathway and build integrated care
    • Build expert multi-disciplinary teams
    • Build integrated care
    • Improve referral

    Find here the fast-track pathway in the March 2018 Footnote, developed with D-Foot International

  • Build the best standard of care and implement it into clinical practice
    • Improve the best standard of care with evidence-based therapies
    • Implement it into real clinical practice to reduce variation in care

    Find here the abstract of the EXPLORER publication in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology

  • Train,
    Educate and Raise
    • Train healthcare professionals
    • Educate patients
    • Raise awareness

    Find here the e-footcare platform with e-learning modules supported by Urgo Foundation